You Know You're A Taurus When...

Loyal, romantic, practical, stubborn, and a lover of fine food.

If your birthday falls between April 20 - May 20, then you already know that you're a Taurus. Taurus is second sign of the zodiac and the first earth sign to grace the chart, commencing right in the middle of spring. As with all of the lovely zodiac signs, Taurus carries its own unique set of qualities and attributes. Do any of these ring a bell to you?

You're incredibly loyal.
Loyalty is not something you take lightly. Be it a friend, family member, or lover, you'll always have their back.

You don't do well with sudden change.
You need to feel in control of your own life and environment, so sudden change does not go over well. This doesn't mean you can never change, but it just has to be well thought out and on your own time.

You're all about the finer things in life.
From material comforts to fine wine and dining, you have no problem with a little indulgence. 

Things You Know Are True If You're A Taurus

You don't understand why others can't be practical.
Remember Taurus, not everyone is a grounded earth sign like you.

You have high expectations.
You're not trying to be harsh or closed off, but you just know what it takes to make the cut. This is especially true in romantic relationships. 

You're a very sensual being.
This isn't even just about sex, it's about deriving pleasure and satisfaction from all things of the physical realm. From a soft blanket to the smell of rain, soothing tunes to savory food — Taurus loves indulging each of the five senses. 

You can be romantic AF.
This comes hand-in-hand with being sensual. You love pampering your partner with romantic gestures such as lovely gifts and physical affection.

It's either trust or bust. 
If someone doesn't have your trust, it's pretty much game over. You need to establish trust before you can even come close to opening up and showing your vulnerabilities. 

You love routine and a stable environment.
You are an earth sign after all.

You have a temper.
Though overall Taurus is calm and sensible, that doesn't mean you don't have a hot temper. Once you cross into that space, you truly become a raging bull.

You're unwilling to compromise on the big stuff.
You're a fixed sign, so once you decide on something you aren't too willing to budge. To put it simply, you can be stubborn AF, especially when it's in regards to something you really care about.

You usually take things slow and steady.
You work by building a foundation first, then going from there. It's important for you to stay rooted and take things one step at a time.

But you can also go full speed ahead.
Once you decide to to make something happen, there is no stopping a speeding bull.

You love your leisure time.
They say Taurus can sometimes be lazy, but you know that you just value some good ol' relaxation. You'd have no problem spending a weekend chilling on the couch in the comfort of your own home.

Oh, and you love good food.
"I'll take another order of the foie gras and a glass—actually a bottle—of your finest wine." 

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