How Astrology Can Make Your Sex Life Hotter

What are your turn-ons? What are your needs? Decode your sex life with these tips from astrologists.

Autri Taheri via Unsplash

Who doesn’t want a hotter sex life? If you’ve exhausted all other options to spice it up between the sheets, you might want to turn to the stars to help you out. Astrology is an insightful tool that can reveal a lot about ourselves including our turn-ons and sexual compatibility. Astrology is quite extensive, which is why it’s helpful to know your and your partner’s birth chart when it comes to learning the ins and outs of how you tick — including your hottest desires.  

Mars has everything to do with sexual desire.

–Crystal B.

“If I were to factor just one planet to look at, I’d say get in tune with the influence of Mars in your astrology,” says Crystal B., a globally recognized astrologer and author of Feed Your Moon, Predictive & Mindful Astrology One Phase at a Time. “Understanding this planet’s influence alone can help you to crank up the heat in all matters pertaining to getting turned on and sex. Mars has everything to do with sexual desire.” 

According to Crystal B., here’s a quick deep-dive into what Mars represents in each sign and what it says about you in the bedroom:

MARS IN ARIES: Assertive and know what they want; listen to them!

MARS IN TAURUS: Extremely sensual and have a hard time compromising on their desire; be ready to indulge them completely.

MARS IN GEMINI: Always looking to try new things, curious and gets bored quickly; be open to change and communicate desires.

MARS IN CANCER: Defensive and nurturing but easily hurt; appreciate their sensitive nature.

MARS IN LEO: Strong sense of self and their egos, loves to go big and show off; let them show off!

MARS IN VIRGO: Enjoys a system and does not appreciate spontaneity; admire their keen attention to detail.

MARS IN LIBRA: Eager to please but not very decisive; ask them what they want or they will never tell you.

MARS IN SCORPIO: Intense and passionate; let them take control.

MARS IN SAGITTARIUS: High energy and love to experiment and try new things; games of all sorts can intrigue them.

MARS IN CAPRICORN: Highly motivated and willing to put in the extra work; expect to be wowed with effort!

MARS IN AQUARIUS: Mental stimulation is key, if you can turn their mind on first you’ve won the battle.

MARS IN PISCES: Sensitive and easily overwhelmed, enjoy creativity, are excellent listeners; talk to them first to gain their trust and help them feel comfortable.

But Crystal B. points out that all of your planets need to work together in order to really get to the crux of better sex. “Venus reveals your flirty side, how you’re going to socialize and connect, the Moon reveals how you feel and your ability to process emotions, Mars indicates how courageous you can be in asserting your needs and ultimately Mercury dominates how you are going to verbalize it all. We’re all different in how these all factor together. Either they work or don’t work together.” 

Which is why astrologer Olivia DeGennaro, aka The Spiritual Journalist, says creating a synastry chart for you and a partner can help you understand what aspects are playing out between both charts and how your energies interact with one another.

Two fire signs are likely to be passionate people who hype each other up. Whereas two earth signs are probably going to crave a more stable relationship.

–Olivia DeGennaro

Don’t know your birth chart? No problem. “Understanding what element rules your sun sign is another easy way to assess compatibility,” says DeGennaro. “The elements can help you understand a person’s nature and how they express themselves. Two fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are likely to be passionate people who hype each other up. Whereas two earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are probably going to crave a more stable relationship.”

Looking at how the elements interact with one another can be helpful in determining compatibility too. For example, says DeGennaro, water and earth signs support each other. “They are both ruled by feminine energy. Fire and air signs have a similar, supportive relationship and tend to be associated with masculine energy.”

This doesn’t mean a fire sign and a water sign won’t get along, she says, there are so many other factors at play in the entire birth chart, “But these energies don’t work together easily, which could cause awkwardness or tension.”

In a nutshell, here are the turn-ons for the sun signs, according to DeGennaro:

ARIES TURN-ON: Being spontaneous or impulsive. Their animal instincts love some heat between the sheets.

TAURUS TURN-ON: Luxurious sheets or cozy blankets. Taurus needs to feel physically comfortable before they fully open up to you.

GEMINI TURN-ON: Dirty talk. Geminis are natural communicators and very curious. Whisper something a little naughty in their ear.

CANCER TURN-ON: Don’t be afraid to bring your emotions into the bedroom. Telling a Cancer you love them in the middle of sex could be their biggest turn-on. 

LEO TURN-ON: Amp up the theatrics! Leos love costumes and role playing. Pretending to be someone else could really light a fire between you.

VIRGO TURN-ON: Being submissive. Virgos normally love being in control, but in the bedroom, they want someone else to take the reins. But they’ll only let you do so if they feel totally comfortable. Make sure the bedroom is clean and tidy before you slip between the sheets.

LIBRA TURN-ON: Libras love to give as much as they love to receive. It’s important for them to feel like both parties are experiencing equal pleasure during sex. Take turns taking the lead.

SCORPIO TURN-ON: The darker the better for Scorpio. Show them how kinky you can be. Share your secrets. Go where no one has dared to go before. Sex is the ultimate intimate experience for them.

SAGITTARIUS TURN-ON: Make sex fun! Go over the top. Don’t be afraid to bring toys and props into the bedroom. More is more with Sagittarius. Pull out all the stops.

CAPRICORN TURN-ON: Simplicity can be sexy for Capricorns. They might view sex as more of a means to an end, so it’s important to help them get out of their own head and into their body. Make sure they’re comfortable in their own skin before trying anything intimate.

AQUARIUS TURN-ON: Adding an eccentric flare to your sex life will excite Aquarius. Show them something they’ve never seen before. Introduce them to a new position or toy. Technology can be your friend if you’re sharing your bed with an Aquarius.

No matter what, even with difficult aspects between you and a partner, DeGennaro believes there is potential in every relationship. “There are lessons to be learned in the tension. It’s all about understanding your own energy and your partner’s energy and finding activities that feel supportive for both of you.”