What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Personality

There's more to your astrological profile than just your sun sign.

You already know your sun sign, which element that falls under (hint hint: Earth, Air, Water, or Fire), and what your ruling planet entails, but what about the zodiac sign your innermost self is revealed by?

That's right, your moon sign –– namely, the position that the moon was in at the moment of your birth. The moon moves from sign to sign every 2-3 days, so it's important to know! But if you have no idea what yours is, no worries: You can calculate your birth chart online (hey, this is the future) here, then come right back to let me fill you in on what that actually means.

It's worth noting that while you may relate to some or all of these traits, it's entirely possible you won't jibe with many of them (just like astrology in general. You know, like for those nutty people who don't map their lives out according to the stars).

What is all the more fascinating about discovering your moon sign, however, is that the personality traits it imbues are only a portion of your personality. And they aren't supposed to; these traits embody your interior life and inner emotions, who you are while you're alone.

What Your "Moon Sign" Says About Your Personality


Let's just say that those with their moon sign in Aries are dynamic AF. Their lives are peppered with the intense need to keep things fresh and exciting –– a driving force that can at times border on recklessness.

In other words, if you've got an Aries moon, you hate being bored (don't even get us started with boring people). You're extremely extroverted and always on the go, forever looking for that next adrenaline rush.

Both Aries sun and moon signs tend live hard and fast, see things in extremes and find it hard to relate to others in situations where you can't necessarily find shades of grey.


If your moon is in Taurus, you have a strong need to keep things practical. You're especially careful not to let your emotions rule you; but that's not to say you don't feel them deeply. It's just that you prefer not to make a move or step out of your comfort zone until you're really, really sure about something.

Taurus moons are sentimental, sensual, and extremely headstrong. In romance, that means nobody –– and we mean nobody –– is getting between the Bull and their loved ones. They may prefer to take their time, but if they're in, they're in for the long haul.


Those with their moon in Gemini are born communicators. Versatile, super social, and oft v. extroverted, Gemini moons have got the "gift of gab" and then some. Since the moon rules your innermost emotions and reveals how you handle your relationship with the self, and how that relates to others, this means it can take more than your average to really grasp a Gemini moon's attention.

Quick talkers and thinkers, they do not hold onto grudges for long –– moving so quickly that it can be hard to tell what they're really feeling, even for themselves.


Those with their moon in Cancer feel emotions ten, twenty, even one hundred times more intensely than any other sign. Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, this moon sign is very much in tune with their interior world, although this also means they can be highly misunderstood. If they really care about someone or something, Cancer moons can come off as clingy and more than a little passive aggressive.

But at the same time, Cancer moon, remember this: You are a deeply sensitive and caring being, and anyone can see this right away upon getting close to you. It just means that you ask for a little more reassurance than some. Don't let 'em get you down; the world needs more of you.

What Your "Moon Sign" Says About Your Personality


If your moon is in Leo, you have a tendency to be glamorous to the point of dramatic. Like Leo suns, you adore being the center of the attention; but in your love life, this can foster emotional tension, unless you've found someone who is willing to simmer down and set the backdrop to your resplendence. Hold out for that one, Leo moon –– but remember that you don't have to be their entire world for someone to really care for and be loyal to you!

Trust me when I say that anyone who has you in their life is lucky to have you. They are well aware of your fierce protectiveness, air of regal authority, and ability to love beyond a shadow of a doubt.


If your moon is in Virgo, you're the ultimate caregiver. A people pleaser to the max, you genuinely enjoy helping and taking care of others. The little things mean the world to you, and while some might find Virgo moon's steadfast love for routine less than stimulating (looking at you, Sag moon), the truth is that you prefer your comfort zone, and you're not going to try to pretend otherwise.

Your resistance to change can make any obstacles in your life more than a little challenging to overcome, Virgo moon. Remember that, despite the cliche, there is a grain of truth to the concept that outside your comfort zone is where all the magic really happens.

What Your "Moon Sign" Says About Your Personality


If your moon is in Libra, you thrive on companionship. Warm, generous and compassionate, there's nothing you love more than being surrounded by the people you care about. You believe that friends are the family you get to choose, dear Libra moon, and because of that you consider your relationships with others to be one of the highest priorities in life.

Because Libra is an Air sign, those with their moon sign in Libra can be uncertain and indecisive at times, waffling back and forth from outcome to outcome. Pick a stand and stick with it, Libra moon; at heart you are a problem solver and just need a strong sense of belief in yourself to accomplish your goals.


Both Scorpio sun and moon signs are known for not letting others in easily. At times this flat-out means Scorpio does not play well with others. But although they are furtive and at times intense, their mystery is nonetheless extremely alluring to some –– especially those who are willing to crack that hard exterior.

If your moon sign is in Scorpio, you typically keep your cards close to the chest; but when you trust someone, you're all in. Keep your standards high, Scorp moon, but don't lose the good ones for your fear of coming in hot too quickly and getting burned.

What Your "Moon Sign" Says About Your Personality


If you've got your moon in Sagittarius (hey, same!) you are pretty much a fairytale creature. Kidding, but not really –– Sagittarians are, after all, the world travelers of the zodiac wheel, easily flitting from place to place with their charming personality and sparkling wit.

Can you tell I'm a fan of Sagittarians? These globetrotting, easygoing, and playful Fire signs love a good thrill. And though they can be flighty at times especially when they don't care for something or someone, you'll never be bored with a Sag moon. Trust me.


If your moon is in Capricorn, you find pleasure in all that is steady and immovable in life. Change isn't really your jam, but that's okay; you're a creature of comfort, and there's no point in pretending otherwise (not that you could even if you tried). Efficient, sturdy, and trustworthy, you know what you want, and are completely unafraid to pursue it –– at the rate of your own choosing, of course.

You're nothing if not a firm believer that slow and steady wins the race, Cap moon. You may not be flexible, but you will finish that damn race if it kills you. The "Keep calm and carry on" catchphrase may as well have been coined for you and only you.

What Your "Moon Sign" Says About Your Personality


Rebel, rebel! If you've got your moon sign in Aquarius, ain't nobody telling you what to do. Ever. Not only are you a mover and a shaker all on your own, but you are the humanitarian of the zodiac, holding many important causes close to your heart. Super progressive and with that love for a common cause, Aquarius moons are always seeking to foster a sense of community wherever they go.

Although if things don't go their way, watch out; Aquarius moon can quickly grow distant and unattached. This moon sign craves freedom and autonomy just as much as they love being part of a group.

What Your "Moon Sign" Says About Your Personality


If your moon sign is in Pisces, chances are you're quite the sensitive soul. Moody and at times intense, you are a very caring and accepting person; it's just that the depth and intensity of your emotions can make you a little hard to read at times, even for you!

Because of this, dreamy Pisces moons usually prefer to let people come to them; they don't want to come across as clingy, although they can feel that way sometimes. Drawn to art, literature, and more, you would do well to unleash any and all emotional tension in creative pursuits, Pisces moon.