You Know You're A Cancer When...

The receptive, sympathetic, home-loving sign of the zodiac.

Hello moon children — your season is upon us.

Cancer is a lovely water sign marked by generosity, sensitivity, and a caring heart. While a Cancer's mood may change as often as the face of the moon, as long as they feel safe and secure in their personal life and home, they'll be the sweetest, most loving crab you've ever seen. 

You Know You're A Cancer When...

You're a great listener.
In fact, you're probably the go-to friend when someone needs to talk. For the most part, you love this part of yourself, but sometimes the problems of others can be a little too much to take on.

You're receptive.
You know when something is wrong — you feel it, you see it in your friend's eyes, you can hear it in their voice. This is a huge part of what makes you a good listener and an even better friend.

Your insanely caring and passionate with those closest to you.
Be it family, friends, or a lover, you are so generous and warm-hearted to them. In regards to your significant other, you are all romance and love, and have no problem showing your affection. You become very attached to the special people in your life, and so long as those relationships are positive, then it's a wonderful thing.

You're great with children and animals.
Both fur and human babies definitely find comfort in your natural maternal energy.

You can be moody.
You're prone to mood swings. I mean, your ruling 'planet' is the moon after all.

Trust is essential.
While you may be as kind as they come, that doesn't mean you're naive. From your first gut reaction or your keen eye for observation, you take your time when deciding whether a person is trustworthy or not.

You can hide behind your hard shell.
Whenever you're feeling extra vulnerable, whether it's because of hurt feelings or a lack to trust, you retreat behind your crab shell as a form of protection and security.

You're very family oriented.
Family is love. Family is comfort. Family is home. (And we all know home is V important.)

You're protective of your inner-circle.
Let's not get this confused with possessive (looking at you, Scorpio). Once someone is family—friends and lovers included—you'll go to no end to protect your tribe.

You're mild-mannered, until...
(see above).

You are both independent and dependent at the same time.
As a cardinal sign, you know how to handle your business and get sh*t done. You're very independent when it comes to all non-emotional matters. On the flip side though, in the realm of emotions, you can be a bit dependent. We're not saying you're weak and rely on others to save you, but rather that your feelings and emotionally-fueled actions can be dictated by those you love most.

You're extremely motivated.
Remember how we said you can handle your business and get shit done? Well, we didn't say that for nothing. This may not initially be obvious to others since you're not as vocal as an Aries, or serious as Capricorn, but when you want something, you have no problem putting in the hard work to get it. You know what you have to do to accomplish your goals.

You desire financial security.
I mean, we all do, right? But for you it's about living life in comfort — something that's essential for you. For you, financial security isn't the freedom to spend as much as you'd like (though that's great too), but rather it's the ability to create a worry-free life.

You're a homebody.
And you don't give a damn what others have to say about it. You're not anti-social, but why go out when you can stay all warm, cozy, and comfortable at home?

You're creative.
Like any true water sign, you have a strong creative streak. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising for you to be an artist of some sort. But, your creativity goes beyond just art; you are also a creative problem solver and natural leader.

You're highly intuitive.
Also as a water sign, your intuition is not be questioned. You run on feeling, but your intuition is also strongly based on observation. In fact, you'll probably gather all the info you need on someone from just a few minutes in the same room together.

You can be indecisive.
Though different than a Libra, you do share indecisive tendencies with the water sign. Considering how intuitive you are, the fact that you're indecisive is kind of ironic don't you think?

You sometimes have a hard time letting things go.
Sometimes it's letting go something negative that happened in your past, and other times it's moving on from something negative in the present.

At the end of the day, you are a realist.
While you love partaking in a little daydream playtime, you're ultimately a realist. You may be sensitive, but you know how to accept and handle the cards you're dealt. You see the truth in people and situations, and that's something you can't turn a blind eye from.

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