What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Emotions

"The Moon represents your instincts, deeper desires, and subconscious mind, as well as longings and yearnings that make you feel safe," spiritual mentor Erica Lee explains.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your sun sign doesn’t fully describe how you feel and perceive the world around you? For example, maybe your sun sign is Capricorn and while Capricorns are known to be serious and stoic, you’re actually a puddle of emotions. Enter: Your moon sign.  

“The Moon represents your instincts, deeper desires, and subconscious mind, as well as longings and yearnings that make you feel safe,” says Erica Lee, a psychic medium and spiritual mentor. “In life, it's hard to imagine the Sun without the Moon; and one reflects the other.”

You find your moon sign — the zodiac sign that the moon was passing through at the exact time of your birth — by having your birth, or natal, chart done in which you’ll need to know your accurate birth time and birth place. Knowing your moon sign, Lee explains, helps us become aware of our unconscious desires, our sense of safety, and how we process our environment and express emotions. 

“If you think of night, when the Moon shines brightest, you can imagine how the Moon in our chart sheds light on the more hidden, subconscious and unconscious aspects of our being,” says Lee. “The Moon in your chart packs a powerful punch in the more underground aspects of your personality, particularly relating to emotions, unconscious drives, and relational needs and tendencies.”

Below Lee provides the strengths and weaknesses of each moon sign, as well as tips on how to find some relief when our emotions run amuck.


Probably the most initiating of all the signs, Aries Moon is daring and innovative. “Craving spontaneity and newness, you are not at all afraid of risks, and you naturally trust the fire within,” says Lee. “Everyone loves your fire and warmth, and you are quite protective of those you love. Be mindful not to push others too hard, they thrive on your confidence and encouragement, but it's not so natural for every moon to be so brave and forward charging.” Anything to expend extra energy can help you burn off any extra intensity. Anger and excitement can both be productive emotions, and if life gets too overwhelming, Lee says movement is good for you.

Strength: Bravery 

Weakness: Patience. 

Cure: Movement.


“Hallelujah. If you have this moon sign, you're in extra luck,” says Lee. “The moon is exalted here, meaning it's a powerful place for this planet to be. As a Taurus Moon, like your lunar Venus sibling of Libra, pleasure practices are absolutely key. It doesn't have to be expensive of time, money, or energy — though, by all means, let it be, since the Venusian link here loves luxury.” Eating delicious foods or buying a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a great way to show yourself self-care. Anything that brings a sense of sensuality and sustenance is your domain and brings you satisfaction. Because you love the good life, any financial instability or anything else that will disrupt your peace, can feel overwhelming to you. You can easily dig in your heels and remain stuck without moving forward.

Strength: Sensuality 

Weakness: Overindulgence 

Cure: Invest in your nest


“Laser sharp and whip smart, Gemini Moon can size up any person or situation in a heartbeat. You're keen to notice details and you don't just want stimulation; you need it,” says Lee.  “As with both Mercury Moons (cough, cough, Virgo), the nervous system is highlighted here. You are in such need of stimulation, and well able to successfully synthesize it, that any kind of rest may be entirely foreign, or at first seem counter-intuitive.” Which is why you want to implement healthy grounding and rest practices and find ways to keep excitement and learning a theme in your daily life, alongside some time alone to navigate your active inner world. “Do this and you'll feel much more aligned and strong,” says Lee. “Resilience is already a talent you have naturally; and your emotional and unconscious adaptability will only become more pronounced if you give yourself the tools to feel whole, first.”

Strength: Adaptability 

Weakness: Groundedness 

Cure: Downtime.


“You have one of the happiest placements for the moon, here in Cancer. Being a Cancer Moon means your moon is in ‘domicile,’ or right at home,” says Lee. “Ruled by the moon, Cancer Moon is among the most truly caring of all. Your ability to witness and hold space for others is unmatched, and once you let someone into your heart, you don't give up on them easily. Be mindful that, while not everyone has the capacity to care and comfort to the extent and depth that you do, doesn't mean they don't love you just as much in their own way.” Which is why Lee says it’s important for Cancers to have people around who truly appreciate them and don't take advantage of your emotionally giving nature. It’s common for Cancers to be overly nostalgic and attached to others, letting their emotions overtake them. “Water is soothing for you. A swim in the ocean, a salt bath, or even a home fountain can soothe your subconscious waters, bringing you into better balance.”

Strength: Care 

Weakness: Tenacity 

Cure: Water


“Secretly Leo Moon's greatest wish is to be adored and admired. Craving recognition and attention, Leo rules the heart and is known for creativity,” says Lee. “Don't be afraid to express yourself! Relationships where you're fully supported, all of you, and appropriately adored will fulfill you the most.” You can get stuck with needing validation from others and basing your self-worth on how you’re received and valued by others, which can get you down — and up your competitive nature. Cheer yourself up by embracing your need for joy and fun. “You were born to shine,” says Lee. “By leaning into this for yourself, you are a way-shower for the rest of us. Through your example, we learn that it's okay to prioritize love, happiness, fun and self expression.”

Strength: Creativity 

Weakness: Validation 

Cure: Self Expression


“Virgo Moons thrive on order and are at their best when things are secure and organized,” says Lee. “When that sense of calm and order isn't present in your environment, you'll set about fixing it.” Because of your tireless work ethic and overzealous commitment to delivering only the best, you can easily suffer from anxiety or burnout. You might even exert your perfectionism over others and become overly critical. If you can't bring order to people or places or situations to calm, soothe, and move forward, Lee recommends looking to connect to the body. “Any physical activity helps Virgo Moon to thrive, and especially any activity that allows mind and body to integrate and harmonize. This could be running or hiking or swimming at the beach, as Virgo is strongly connected to nature; or it could be even puttering around the house, attending to the small details.” Also, try to notice when there is peace and harmony in your environment, as Lee says “you'll feel more engaged and grounded.”

Strength: Capacity

Weakness: Perfection

Cure: Balanced Activity


“Libra Moons all have an artistic bent or quality; from a beautiful appearance, to an eye for design, or even a gift for creating works of art, your charm and artistic gifts are very easy and natural,” says Lee. “Your innate aptitude for bringing beauty into this world, and native grace with your fellow humans, are two of your biggest strengths.” As such Lee says you might struggle with putting too much emphasis on appearances as well as lean into people-pleasing tendencies since you love symmetry and agreements. “Relationships can be key to your sense of fulfillment, and you have many successful ones, so do not put too much stock in failed relationships.”

When you're feeling emotionally off balance, Lee says playfulness is a balm to your heart as well as art. “Feeling beautiful and loved is key; and you already are!” 

Strength: Relationships

Weakness: Appearance

Cure: Beauty


“Scorpio is widely touted as the deepest and darkest sign. The moon placement only accentuates this effect,” says Lee. “Being the deepest sign, in the deepest personal placement, your depths are a true gift and much healing and illumination dwells down there in those depths. You have great gifts of penetrating awareness and are one of the best and most insightful listeners on the planet. Always seeking what's underneath, few things escape your powers of investigation.” However, Lee says beware of assigning fears or meanings which actually are not really there because “Scorpio Moon can have a tendency, when their depths are unsatisfied, to thrive on drama.” 

And because trust is so important to Scorpio Moon,  they can keep it from those who deserve it the most, while punishing those who don't dispense freely. “Watch to find a bit more balance in what you give and what you take,” says Lee. “Unseemly as that may be, ultimately it will reward your risk with partners and friends who aren't afraid to let you plumb the depths, and take you to the heights in return.”

Strength: Awareness

Weakness: Suspicion

Cure: Trust


“You have such unsung depths, Sagittarius Moon! As a Sag Moon, you need adventure and learning to feel fulfilled,” says Lee. “Expansion is the keyword for you in all meanings. It can be hard to stay grounded in a place, or job, or relationship; for you are always eager to roam the great beyond, collecting people, pets, experiences and stories.” Which is why if left unfulfilled Sag Moon can become unreliable and frustrated. 

Lee recommends seeking experiential adventures, such as beach trips and international travel, or even in philosophical conversation, as a grounding tool and remembering you need fun with friends and loved ones. 

“If you find people and professions that allow room for and appreciate your optimistic, freewheeling nature and need to feel free-range, you'll be happy enough to stay a little longer so long as you're also allowed the change and diversions you need within it to satisfy your undying thirst for experience.”

Strength: Openness

Weakness: Staying Power

Cure: Freedom


“Don't be fooled; Lunar Sea Goats feel plenty deeply. As a Capricorn Moon, you don't want for feeling; you merely protect yours (and your loved ones) with good boundaries,” says Lee. “As a moon sign, Cap Moon is one of the most resourceful, eager to jump in and contribute their diverse and considerable skills to ease and erase any emotional upset that may present itself, in their own lives or that of their loved ones.”

While Lee says a lot of emotional agency is found with this placement, “it’s important to allow yourself to be vulnerable, and more than once if you can. It may seem scary or unnatural at the outset but remember, it's where growth lies, and what is Capricorn if not building a better kingdom for oneself and one's loved ones – emotionally, or otherwise.” 

If you ever feel your vulnerability is not rewarded, Lee says, “Take courage knowing that yours is a moon sign among the best for repairing and building better.”

Strength: Boundaries

Weakness: Vulnerability

Cure: Small risks


“One of the greatest strengths of your Moon in Aquarius is your ability to feel connected in some way to all people, regardless of how little or how much they may have in common with you,” says Lee. “You believe everyone deserves to feel free, and you are happy to advocate for this for yourself and others.” While oftentimes Aquarius pride themselves on being unfeeling, Lee says it couldn't be farther from the truth. 

“Where else would all that passion come from? In fact, Aquarius Moons are quite sensitive to emotion, even if they're not the most at home with it.” So while you be detached sometimes in order to protect your feelings, Lee says it’s important that people, including yourself, don’t confuse your objective, magnanimous nature for being too cold and unfeeling. 

“You may be detached but you truly have an optimism and faith in humanity and that influences your emotional trust in relationships in a beneficial way.” She suggests making sure you give yourself the space and time you need to dive into projects because time alone is crucial.

Strength: Objectivity

Weakness: Detachment

Cure: Space


“As a Pisces Moon, you have perhaps the deepest relationship to the collective unconscious of all the moons,” says Lee. “Aware of the unseen and in touch with emotions, you are often a barometer for your friends and loved ones and intuit aspects of their experience and reality perhaps even before they do.”

Be mindful to not take on too much energy, cautions Lee, and allow your sensitivity multiple outlets. “It reigns supreme as part of your experience, and you enjoy a balancing recharge. Dream work, collaging, or anything to provide a creative release is a good outlet for any emotional runoff or energetic excess.” Because your empathy and awareness are unbounded, it’s important to give yourself ample permission for breaks and implement a structure since you’re likely to flounder without it. “You'll thrive this way by releasing any stuck or excessive energy and also take much creative inspiration from these breaks, as well,” says Lee.

Strengths: Understanding

Weakness: Stability

Cure: Breaks