What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Relationship Needs

Time to dive into your birth chart to better understand what makes you feel happy in a relationship.

What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Relationship Needs
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Do you have trouble articulating your relationship needs? You might want to look to the stars to help you out. Astrology is a powerful tool when it comes to learning more about yourself including what you need in a relationship. You probably know your sun sign but that’s just one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to expressing what you most desire and value in a relationship. So how does astrology help you? Knowing and learning about your Venus Sign, or which sign Venus was located in when you were born, will help do the trick (getting your astrological birth chart done will help you find yours). 

You can look to Venus to find out what makes you feel most valued in a relationship and what love language to look for in a partner."

–Olivia DeGennaro

“A lot can be learned from looking at our own Venus placement,” says astrologer Olivia DeGennaro. “We can use our Venus sign to understand our needs in relationships and how we best receive love from others. You can look to Venus to find out what makes you feel most valued in a relationship and what love language to look for in a partner."

So how does Venus do this? “In one simple word Venus represents… pleasure. While many of us usually equate her with being the Goddess of Love, she is really the Goddess of Desire,” says Crystal B., a globally recognized astrologer and author of Feed Your Moon, Predictive & Mindful Astrology One Phase at a Time. “She isn’t maternal like the moon, she’s erotic. Venus wants what she wants and doesn’t want to barter for it. Most importantly, Venus symbolizes our capacity to form value for ourselves. When we are disconnected from our Venus we experience loss of self-worth, sense of spontaneous joy and pleasure and ultimately self-confidence."

If you can’t understand your own needs and desires then you’re never going to get it from someone else.

–Crystal B.

When it comes to truly understanding your Venus, Crystal B. says you’re making a concerted effort to “love thyself first.” “If you can’t understand your own needs and desires then you’re never going to get it from someone else. When you can’t value yourself, you can’t give value to others. Pleasure yourself first and then discover how to pleasure others.”

Once you know your Venus sign, go below to find out how your sign in Venus determines what you most need in a relationship according to DeGennaro.

What does each sign in Venus represent when it comes to love and relationship needs?

VENUS IN ARIES: People with Venus in Aries need passion in their lives! They will likely be drawn to partners who aren’t afraid to make moves or challenge them. Physical and sexual attraction are extremely important to them as well. Loyalty is a turn-on.

VENUS IN TAURUS: Venus is at home in Taurus, making people with this placement no stranger to the finer things in life. People with Venus in Taurus like to feel physically comfortable. They best receive love through food and physical touch. Self-care is their strong suit.

VENUS IN GEMINI: People with Venus in Gemini need stimulating conversation in their romantic relationships. They love to learn new things and their mind is the key to their heart. It’s also important for their partner to get along with their siblings or friends.

VENUS IN CANCER: When Venus is in Cancer, we receive love through nurturing. Often, people with this placement look to their partners to be a safe (almost mothering) space. They need to feel secure in their relationship. They might be hesitant to fully receive love until they know their partner is committed.

VENUS IN LEO: People with Venus in Leo love a grand gesture! Giving them gifts, surprising them, or putting on a full-blown performance in their honor will light them up! Don’t spare the theatrics for a partner with Venus in Leo. They are sure to make you feel special in return.

VENUS IN VIRGO: Virgo is the sign of service, making acts of service perfect for someone with this Venus placement. Do the dishes, clean the house, and make their space feel tidy. They will appreciate you checking off tasks from their to-do list and taking some weight off their shoulders.

VENUS IN LIBRA: Venus loves to be in Libra. People with this placement can receive love easily, especially if it involves you and your partner doing something together. They enjoy peaceful harmonious vibes and anything that makes them or their space feel more beautiful. 

VENUS IN SCORPIO: People with Venus in Scorpio feel most loved in intimate settings. Tell them your secrets. Expose the parts of yourself you’ve never shown to anyone else. Venus in Scorpio also makes people comfortable receiving love through sex, the ultimate intimate act.

VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS: Venus in Sagittarius just wants to have some fun! Plan a surprise date for this person, the wilder the better. Acts of generosity won’t go unnoticed for people with Venus in this sign. They appreciate someone who will go over-the-top for them.

VENUS IN CAPRICORN: People with Venus in Capricorn appreciate stability. They feel most loved when their partner has a plan. They also appreciate wealth and financial security. They attract partners who will “give it to them straight” and show their affection in practical ways.

VENUS IN AQUARIUS: When people have Venus in Aquarius, they appreciate partners who allow them to be their authentic weird selves. Bonus points if their partner is into the same odd interests as them. People with this placement need to feel like they’re part of a community, but they tend to need their space as well.

VENUS IN PISCES: Venus loves to be in the sweet sign of Pisces. Anything sentimental is sure to make someone with this placement feel loved. They love a good hug. Allowing them to be creative or expressing love to them through creativity will make their heart skip a beat. 

“When you dive deeper into your birth chart, learning what house Venus falls in can show you what area of your life you feel most comfortable receiving love or praise in,” says DeGennaro. “For example, Venus in the 8th house would make you open to receiving intimate love and sex from a partner. Whereas Venus in the 11th house would make you more comfortable receiving love from friends or in a group setting.”

But when it comes to forming a mutually loving relationship DeGennaro reminds us that Venus is only half of the equation. “While Venus shows us how we best receive love, we can look to a partner’s Mars placement to see how they best give love. The compatibility of Venus and Mars placements between partners can provide insight on the compatibility of the overall relationship.”