What Not to Say to an Earth Sign

Because Hell hath no fury like an Earth sign scorned. Isn't that how it goes?

What Not to Say to an Earth Sign

Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are the most dedicated and sure-footed of all the zodiac signs. Makes sense, since their signs are associated with the Earth. Far be it for anyone to ever cast a doubt on their ambition – or, come to think of it, their sense of pride.

If you're an Earth sign, you can be pretty stubborn, but choose your battles well. It's more like a perfectionist thing than merely being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. (Well, most of the time...) Though as the Bull, you are certainly one of the most hard-headed signs of the zodiac wheel, along with our favorite Fire sign Aries.

How to sum up this unconquerable trio? Well, let's just say that Capricorns are nothing if not ambitious, at times to the point of single-mindedness. This has a tendency to drive Virgo absolutely bonkers. Meanwhile, Taurus is over here like, "Let's just get this ish DONE already, guys."

Just remember to turn the brights off sometimes, Earth signs; your lack of peripheral vision can drive some of us other signs completely off the rails. But fear not, because even if we don't totally get you, we do know what not to do and say to you.

Do not blame an Earth sign for your problems. Ever.

And on that note, do not BS them. Ever. Because deep down, you know Virgo's right – and Virgo knows Virgo's right, so what's the point of even trying to pull one over on them?

What Not to Say to an Earth Sign

Speaking of being right, do not doubt a Virgo's moral compass.

That thing is steadfast.

...or a Taurus' lack of commitment and/or ability to follow through.

When a Taurus gets it in their head to do something, they will come through no matter what, and they'll resent anyone who thinks otherwise. Don't even think about standing in their way, because you will pretty much be bulldozed.

Don't call them cheap.

An Earth sign's expensive taste is no joke, rivaling that of luxurious Air sign Libra. They would rather invest in classic staples, however, than waste their money on any old breezy fad that comes their way.

Though they can be materialistic, it's only because with such a grounded mindset, they derive very real pleasure from the sensory world around them. An Earth sign is a strong force of nature; like Mother Nature itself, they are earthy and grounded, yet sensual. Plus, that classic style and taste doesn't hurt – you can always trust an Earth sign to know and appreciate a fine wine, for example, when they taste one.

What Not to Say to an Earth Sign

Do not, I repeat do not, say the word "No."

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, please don't kill me. IT WAS A JOKE I SWEAR.

What Not to Say to an Earth Sign

But seriously, don't ever assume they can't do something on their own.

This stubborn sign is known to be willing to do anything to reach their goals – but do the ends always justify the means, Capricorn? Sometimes you can be a little selfish in pursuit of the end goal. Just like Virgo can be overly critical, but only because they hold others to the same sky-high standards they hold themselves.

Do not question their love or affection.

Fast-thinking and forever clever creatures, Virgos can't help but feel let down when something or someone doesn't measure up to their lofty expectations. Yet rather than admit their weakness (because of course feeling let down, or playing their hand too soon when it comes to emotions in general, is considered a weakness for these steadfast signs), they can instead come across just a tad bit judgmental.

What Not to Say to an Earth Sign

Do not accuse them of playing games.

A Capricorn plays no games. They know what they want, and will stop at nothing to get it. They find pleasure in safety and security, and though their toughness may seem like quite the tough nut to crack, if they're at all into you, you'll know. And trust us... They secretly do want you to take the time and effort to break down those walls.

In general, a Capricorn woman is both loyal and intimidating. Like an Aries or Scorpio, she is not to be messed with, so don't. Even. Think. About. It.