StyleBistro Q&A: Singer-Songwriter Risa Binder Talks Style and the Spotlight

Get to know the rising country star (and her must-have beauty items!).

Risa Binder

Style means many things when you're in the spotlight — there's street style and stage style, screen style, and even sit-at-home-on-the-couch style, for starters. And for up-and-coming country star Risa Binder, her style is even shaped by her music.

StyleBistro emailed with Risa about her fashion and beauty routines (on the stage and beyond), the items she can't live without, and her catchy tunes. She even shared her new music video for "Burning Down the Dark," below. Get to know the rising star and see more at

 StyleBistro: How would you describe your personal style?

Risa: I'm a total girly girl. I love fun, relaxed boho styles. "A little Brooklyn, a little Nashville." :)

How does it differ for on-stage for a performance? For your video series?

While I may hang out in jeans and tanktops on a normal day, onstage I always kick it up a notch to dresses (from Free People!) and boots. I feel most comfortable in boots onstage. For my web series, "Check,Please!" I like to dress how I would on an actual date since I'm re-enacting real dates gone wrong. :)

How does your everyday beauty routine differ from performances?

For everyday I will go light on makeup maybe just foundation and lip gloss easy and natural. Onstage I like having a darker smoky eye and experimenting with color (right now purple eyeliner is fun!) and I love a little glitter eye onstage.

How does your music influence your attire?

I love writing fun upbeat songs that make people feel good. I always look for clothes that have a bit of a fun, playful feel to them to match!

How do you translate your songs into performances?

I absolutely love performing onstage. My songs are actually true stories about me or things that happen to friends of mine so when I'm onstage I feel like the audience and I are having one big conversation. They are getting to know me and I'm getting to know them. We're becoming friends.

Where do you turn for musical inspiration?

Musical inspiration is everywhere! I find that people watching on the subways of New York or sitting in my favorite Nashville coffee shop are two inspiring places for me to get ideas! Song titles are everywhere too. I overheard a conversation at a bar once where one girl said to the other "I'm going where the wind takes me" and I thought, "Yes! 'Where the Wind Takes Me' that's a song title. ;)"

Listen to "Where the Wind Takes Me" here:

Who are your music icons?

I look up to so many artists across all genres of music I grew up with Shania Twain and Martina McBride, Reba, Alison Krauss, Carrie Underwood. In the pop world I love Beyoncé & Kelly Clarkson!

Who are your style icons?

Carrie Underwood, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zooey Deschanel

What is the one fashion or beauty item in your routine you can't live without?
I can't live without MAC lipgloss in "Wonderstruck" and a pair of chocolate cowgirl boots.

Check out a live performance of "Burning Down the Dark" off her Nashville EP:

And check out an episode of her web series "Check, Please!" below:

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