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A Look Back At The Most Daring Red Carpet Dresses Of 2018

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Typically, websites like to categorize red carpet looks into best dressed and worst dressed, ranking women subjectively by their sartorial choices. Here at Livingly, we prefer to celebrate women for trying something new — for being fearless in every realm, including what they wear.

From bold colors to unique silhouettes, Blake Lively to Lady Gaga, 2018 was a brave year for fashion. It was the year that the Met Gala had a Catholic-inspired theme, and stars came wearing halos, angel sleeves, and even armors a la St. Joan of Arc. Definitely not your everyday fashion, but it truly made for a fantastic sartorial parade! It was also the year that Golden Globe attendees wore black in solidarity with the Time’s Up movement, and celebs had to be as creative with their looks as possible with only one color to work with. We must say, protest has never looked so fashionable! And of course, we had the Grammys and the Cannes Film Festival, which have always put the boldest outfits on display year after year.

Take a look back at the most unforgettable looks — praised or criticized, these are the women who make fashion fun by being daring in every sense of the word.