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These Celebrity Men Are Shorter Than You'd Think

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You already know that in Hollywood looks can be deceiving. Just because a male celebrity has a big presence or career does not necessarily mean he has the height to match (sorry, boys). Whether you know it or not, many leading men measure up on the shorter end, which is easily hidden by camera angles — not to mention hoards of fans following their every move.  

While there is absolutely no shame in their height (hey, Hollywood women are short too), it is fascinating to learn just which celebrities might be shorter than you'd think. Some, like Tom Cruise or Daniel Radcliffe, you may be more familiar with, but Kanye West and Ed Sheeran — we had no idea! And it's certainly hard to tell in their music videos, right? It's pretty amazing what some fancy camera work can do. 

All of the men on this list are 5'8" and shorter, but let us reiterate that whether they're 5' or 7', we love them either way. Height, like age, is just a number — although a fascinating one. 

Keep scrolling to see the shortest men in Hollywood. Which dude on this list surprised you?